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«Кедровая мыльня»

Belokurikha, Str. Altajskaja, 11
☎ 8-961-241-50-00

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«Cedar soap»

We offer you rest in Belokurikha. And what could be better than relaxing in a good solid bath? Right! Just relaxing in the sturdy, solid cedar bath! Therefore, we invite You to visit the Russian bath located in one of the most beautiful places Belokurikha.
Кедровая мыльня - гостевой домик

What could you ask for on vacation in the summer? The house of the mighty cedar, comfortable pavilion on the banks of a mountain stream, bathhouse and pool with cool water. Complex «Cedar Soap» it invites you to its fairy-tale world.

It is felt throughout the care and love: a well-groomed lawn, gorgeous flower beds and unknown paths. Take a walk on the complex and you will want to come back. Guest House happy to take a small company or a family with young children. Cozy atmosphere in the complex blends in well with the familiar comfort of the modern world.

We are pleased to invite you to the real Russian bath. Here you can warm up perfectly and have a friendly gatherings at barbecue with barbecue.

Quiet cozy place where you can be alone with nature and your thoughts are in the center of the resort. What makes the «Cedar Soap» an attractive place for a long stay, and for a short visit.

Кедровая мыльня - территория
Visit us once, You will again and again to return to «Cedar soap»! Give yourself a feeling of Paradise and the highest pleasure of our Russian baths!

On the territory of our complex there are two baths, one with indoor swimming pool (pool is equipped with modern filtration system, waterslides, countercurrent and cascade), one bath with a street with a big slide pool (pool is also equipped with modern filtration system, countercurrent and cascade).

Saunas fully built out otselindrovannogo Siberian pine, which gives them a unique flavor, and its cozy atmosphere distract you from reality.

Each bath is equipped with dressing room, toilet, hair dryer, a recreation room and a billiards room with 10-foot stone pool table.

Each bath has its own seating area in a stone grotto and the gazebo at the creek, braziers for cooking barbecue, and parking for 10 cars.

You can not worry about his iron friend, even if You arrive to rest a big company convenient Parking for 10 cars will accommodate everyone.
Кедровая мыльня - парковка

«Кедровая мыльня»

Belokurikha, Str. Altajskaja, 11
☎ 8-961-241-50-00
☎ +7 (38577)251-66