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«Кедровая мыльня»

Belokurikha, Str. Altajskaja, 11
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Russian sauna

Russian sauna - the perfect tool to improve the tone, mood, however, to improve the overall health!
It should enter into steam room, smell the wood heated, immersed in clouds of hot steam - and all the problems will just evaporate.

Кедровая мыльня - русская баня

in the bath broom - a bargain!


Understand what you need a broom, if the back hurts, and what - if cold looms, it is difficult ... If you do not ask, so to speak, to the "wisdom of the ancestors »...< p> Birch broom in the old revered « king baths »! Another time immemorial "birch-defender" planted near the house, believing its strength from the family drives away evil spirits. If you are prone to infections, many are nervous, you have a "problem" skin, you just need Bath with a birch broom! In birch leaves contain essential oils, vitamin C, vitamin A. Birch broom -- this natural doctor!

Oak broom has long been frequented bath . They soared for diathermy treatment of skin diseases, they hovered feet from sweating and blisters

Krapivny broom in the old days waiting in bath if you have back pain and high blood pressure. Today, as in the old days, his knit small - from 5.7 branches. Before postegivaniem broom is put for 2-4 minutes in hot water, then for 3-4 minutes - in the cold, and only then begin to steam.

Coniferous broom , take a bath If you like "burning" sensation. His need zaparivat for 10 minutes in the boiling water. Must Wait when the broom would be "gentle", not to injure the heated skin. Correctly steamed pine broom - a good massage, support for tired muscles. Can add one or two branches of conifers in the birch broom and hover children.

Mixed broom , as the system "all inclusive" - is a complex treatment! Add to birch and oak twigs 3.4 eucalyptus branches or oak broom connect with birch. But can a birch broom add 2-3 wormwood stem and branches currants. And it is pleasant and helpful!

Кедровая мыльня - парная

birch, oak twigs, aromatherapy oils, contrasting flow of water from a bucket oblivnogo, herbal tea with honey ...

All this helps to maintain your health and mood!

Well, broom chosen ... In the bath came ... And what next to do something?

Steamed broom

fresh broom zaparivat in hot water is not necessary. He raskisnet and become heavy. A fresh broom is rising rapidly, and if it is steamed, the skin simply can not stand the burning sensation! A fresh broom can be omitted for 5 minutes in warm water, so he cracked. And then, after evaporation can rinse the turned infusion.

If you have a dry broom in hand, before you start sweating, lower it to 15-20 minutes in the cold, and then for 1-2 minutes in hot water.

HOW TO PROPERLY steam Brooms?

Before you start sweating, then carefully wrap the handle of a broom with a soft cloth. If you do not comply with this rule, even the most familiar to the physical work of the hands water will be covered with calluses. Float start with stroking of the whole body, and then Make poultices - brooms lift the top, as if catching hot air, land on the body and pressed his hand for 1-3 seconds.

Postegivanie - Light "touches" Walk a few times the end of the broom from back to feet.

Pohlestyvanie - have broader lashing movements, capturing hot air, walk around the whole body in the same direction every time broom will touch the body, further presses his hand.

Stretching - put twigs on the lower back and at the same time and plant them sides: one broom-to-head, the other the feet.

Grinding - with one hand, take a broom handle and lead from the legs to head, and another - presses deciduous part of the body and rub his back, Once steamed - relax, rinse, relax ...

Enjoy Your Bath!

Bath heating birch logs will help you get a charge of vivacity, a burst of energy and feel the extraordinary lightness in the body!
Enough to run for an hour, the other in the blessed warmth of our RUSSIAN BATHS!

Кедровая мыльня - парная

«Кедровая мыльня»

Belokurikha, Str. Altajskaja, 11
☎ +7 961 241 5000
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