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«Кедровая мыльня»

Belokurikha, Str. Altajskaja, 11
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Summer Pool

What a pleasure to plunge into cool water after a hot bath! And it does not matter whether a natural pond or swimming pool.
Кедровая мыльня - летний бассейн

Swimming - is an ideal workout. With full security for the ligaments and joints, it makes a great strain on the muscles and cardiovascular system. In addition, many studies show that it is also great burner too much fat and calories.

This happens because the optimal swimming combines aerobic, power and kardionagruzku. Professional swimmers, for example, consume a day 2-4 times more calories than those who engage in strength training in the gym, and while not quite gaining excess weight.

Swimming is wonderful and the fact that, unlike many other sports, has no side effects associated.

Swimming is a great way to prevent and remedy violations of posture, scoliosis, flat feet, strengthen the cardiovascular and nervous system, development of respiratory system and muscular system, and also promotes the growth and strengthening of bone tissue. It is useful for both adults and children.

During the voyage alternating tension and relaxation of different muscles, which increases their efficiency and strength. In the water, decreasing the load on the spine, which in this case properly formed, produced good posture. At the same time, the active movement of feet in the water in the unsupported position strengthens the foot and prevents the development of flatfoot. Those who are plagued by back pain or osteochondrosis, just need regular heats. This osteochondrosis treated only intensive swimming sport style. Even better to alternate a few styles during classes.

Water holds up to 90% of your weight and protects the joints from damage. In addition, it helps to avoid sore muscles after a workout.

Кедровая мыльня - летний бассейн
Pool with a geyser and a slide will provide an opportunity to recall mischievous, carefree childhood.

«Кедровая мыльня»

Belokurikha, Str. Altajskaja, 11
☎ +7 961 241 5000
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