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8(961) 241 5000

«Кедровая мыльня»

Belokurikha, Str. Altajskaja, 11
☎ 8-961-241-50-00

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Garden house

After a Russian bath, a dip in the cool water of the pool, good to sit with friends in a comfortable, spacious gazebo, tasted immediately cooked on the grill shashalyka, a mug of cold beer or a cup of tea.
Кедровая мыльня - беседка



Кедровая мыльня - беседка
It's nice on a hot summer day to hide in the shade of the gazebo prohlodnoy, enjoy tea from herbs Altai and inhaled deeply healing air of Belokurikha, understand what problems and concerns receded.

«Кедровая мыльня»

Belokurikha, Str. Altajskaja, 11
☎ +7 961 241 5000
☎ +7 962 810 3615